How to Make Sure Your Car Doesn’t Get Vandalized During a Move

Many people have had their cars vandalized at some point in their lives. It is a traumatic experience that can be time-consuming and expensive. It becomes even more depressing if your vehicle gets trashed during a move! That means more expenses on top of the typical moving logistics. But don’t worry! Once you’re done reading this guide, you can rest easy knowing your car will be safe during transit.

What is Car Vandalism?

Car vandalism happens when someone damages your car for malicious reasons. It can be done with a variety of methods, including: 

  • spray painting the entire car
  • scratching the paint in specific areas on the vehicle 
  • puncturing tires 
  • using tools to break windows and lights

Offenders usually do this for fun, but some also do this as payback or annoy you. The thing is, there are lots of evil minds lurking out there, and anyone can be a victim of vandalism. So here’s how you can protect your car when transporting it to another place.

Car vandalism is not unheard of, so we must be careful with our vehicles at all times.

Lock the Car Before Shipping

This should be the most obvious advice you can get. If your vehicle will be hauled in a trailer, there’s no reason to keep it open since no one will be driving it. That’s why don’t forget to lock all entry points to your car. This will not only keep anyone from opening the door and vandalizing anything inside but also discourages cargo thieves from laying their hands on it. 

Hire a Trustworthy Shipping Company

Listen to this. You might be tempted to go with the cheapest solution, thinking you can save more money along the way. Unfortunately, this is not always the best idea. Hiring a reputable shipper ensures your car will be handled well and that it will arrive safely without damages or delays. A reputable company also utilizes secure carriers and enough security to keep bad people at bay.

Furthermore, a suitable carrier will install CCTVs on their trucks to capture any act of vandalism or theft. Lastly, they will cover vandalism damage as part of the insurance agreement. There’s really no reason not to hire a professional carrier if you want your car to arrive in one piece.

Install a Car Alarm

Don’t want your car vandalized? Make necessary investments! Before you move, install a car alarm on your vehicle. A basic one typically costs around $100, but it’s worth every penny if it means warding off potential intruders who want to take your stuff.

Incorporating a motion detector and glass break sensor is certainly worth considering. These safety devices will trigger a loud alarm if someone tampers with your car’s locks or starts it up. You can activate them using a remote control but make sure to charge the battery before transit. 

Make Sure the Dashcam is Working

Sometimes, a car alarm might not be enough to scare a vandal away. If the person seriously chooses to proceed with the evil deed, you want to make sure that you’ve documented the event for evidence. Check if your car’s dashcam is active and turn it on for the duration of the trip.

Get Rid of Valuables from Your Car

Another critical step in preventing car vandalism is to get rid of any valuables you may have inside the vehicle. Things like gadgets, jewelry, and expensive bags will only encourage thieves to sniff your car up. You can also attach locks to windows and doors to discourage them from accessing the inside of your vehicle even further. 

Ask the Driver to Look Out for Your Car

This isn’t much of a huge favor, but it’s truly worth asking. Before moving day:

  • Talk with the driver of the trailer that will be delivering your vehicle.
  • Ask him to check on your car every now and then throughout the trip.
  • Better yet – offer him some chocolate to make the atmosphere easier for you both.

It won’t take much effort on his part, but there’s no harm done either way. You might even make yourself a new friend!

Be Friendly

Last but not least, try to get along with the people around you. This helps avoid unnecessary arguments and grudges. More importantly, be nice to your new neighbors. They might help watch your car when you’re not around. It’s also easier if you can befriend the kids around your new neighborhoods. As you already know, they tend to reach that vandalizing stage as they approach puberty. It might not be today, but it’ll definitely save you from headaches in the future.

What To Do if Your Car Gets Vandalized?

Once your vehicle arrives, and you notice any damage, don’t move it. Let the driver know, call the police, and file a report ASAP. Take photos of everything that was damaged, at least until the insurance comes through, if possible. This is especially important for valuable items and electronics that may be difficult to replace if something happens during transit! Finally, get an estimate from a nearby body shop on what repairs will cost. It will help guide your budget once the insurance claim has been approved.

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